DRY-B-LO® Smooth Panel System™ uses metal galvalume panels that interlock to create an attractive ceiling system that drains to a system of gutters and away from your patio. Our panels are the highest quality panels in the industry. Our 22 gauge galvalume is the thickest in the industry, lasts longer and is stronger than aluminum panels, and stands up better to the elements. 

Our system uses 3 inch side walls on our panels, compared to the 1 - 1/2 inch industry standard. This allows not only for better leak protection, but also greater strength to support heavy rain loads.

Our Smooth Panel System™ offers a limited lifetime warranty, based on the lifetime of your deck, not the panel, as our panels will outlast the deck. This is a "no-leak" guarantee. We guarantee that your system will not leak for the life of your deck. If leaks occur, they will be repaired at no charge, and in a timely manner.

We currently offer 3 colors in our Smooth Panel System™:
-Pearl White
-Light Stone
-Dark Bronze

With our Smooth Panel System™, we offer accessories such as recessed lights, fans, and porch swings, as well as an assortment of other accessories, listed under the accessories tab.